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Register a Deal

Deal registration comes with some distinct advantages for signed partners, such as deal protection and discounting.

Please fill out this registration form to provide details about your opportunity and to initiate the engagement with’s sales teams.

This registration form:

  • Confirms your partner details and contact information to initiate the conversation with
  • Identifies the prospect subject to the opportunity that you are registering, along with the primary contact at that organization
  • Shares qualifying information about the sales opportunity with the prospect will promptly review the deal registration and reach out to you if we require additional information from you or the end customer. Upon completing our evaluation, will accept or deny the registration. may deny an opportunity in its sole discretion.

An accepted resale deal registration ensures you receive deal protection and discounting based on the agreed partner program terms. An accepted referral deal registration ensures you receive a referral fee on a closed “won” deal based on your agreement with

We will use the prospect information to help qualify the registration and we may require additional information from you or the prospect.

Please note that will contact you prior to engaging with the prospect. Furthermore, the qualification information will be used by the Sales team to help qualify the registration.

For any questions, please reach out to us directly at